Customer Stories

Customers Add Value to their Solutions with Ontrack Digital Care Plan

IT software - bundled with cybersecurity. The leading Nordics-based cybersecurity expert bundles Ontrack Digital Care Plan (ODCP) with its anti-malware security software subscriptions, protecting devices against online threats and accidental data loss.

University system. Enroll student devices to reduce ‘help desk’ incidents. A leading university builds ODCP into their technology tool kit for students, who contact Ontrack directly, relieving campus IT of a critical workload.

Real estate brokerage. A consumer real estate firm with thousands of agents, includes ODCP in their agent’s mobility focused technology package, adding value versus other brokerages.

Data Backup solution. A European-based online backup service provider for small to medium-sized businesses differentiates itself from competitors by adding ODCP to its backup solution.

IT support - differentiated support offer. A leading Apple-focused device repair company differentiates itself from AppleCare, by enhancing its substantial support offering with ODCP.

IT OEM - enhance device offers. A leading laptop manufacturer bundles ODCP into its support suite on a growing number of business laptops globally.

Service subscription enhancement.  A North American pioneer in the hardware as a service industry bundles ODCP into their subscription, providing total data loss protection for customers.