Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Ontrack Digital Care Plan? Ontrack Digital Care Plans are a prepaid subscription service for your enrolled devices, so in the event of a data loss, you can send your device to Ontrack to recover your data.
  2. Who is Ontrack? Ontrack is the global data recovery leader with offices and labs in 20 countries, the largest R&D team in the industry who continue to develop solutions for the most challenging recoveries and security that is trusted by global organizations, governments and consumers. We recover photos, files and memories for over 60,000 clients each year.
  3. What type of products/device are covered? Laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, external HDDs and SSDs, and storage devices for digital cameras such as SD cards.
  4. Does the device have to be new? No, but per the terms and conditions, the device must be in working order with no data loss at the time of enrollment. See our terms and conditions page.
  5. What types of devices are not covered? Multi-drive systems such as RAID, servers, NAS, SAN, virtual machines, databases, backup tapes, optical storage media and computer memory, such as RAM/DRAM.
  6. Is there a limit on how many devices can be covered? There is no official limit. However, the person enrolling the devices must either own the devices or they would be owned by family members in the same household. Individual employees within a business or students within an educational institution are each required to create their own account and enroll their devices.
  7. How does the process work? Once a device is enrolled, if a data loss occurs, from this website, select ‘start data recovery’. Complete the form. This step initiates Ontrack’s data recovery process. We coordinate shipping of the device to our lab. Once the data is recovered, we return recovered data on encrypted new media appropriately sized for the amount of recovered data along with the original device.
  8. How do I submit a device for data recovery? Log into your account at or contact us at
  9. How many times can I submit a device for data recovery? The Ontrack Digital Care Plan entitles the plan owner to 1 data recovery attempt during the plan term.
  10. How do I contact Ontrack? Email us at If your enrollment is through an organization, company, association or university, please mention the name of that group in your email so we can provide the best possible service.
  11. When does my coverage start? Coverage starts at the time that your payment is successfully processed.
  12. Are discounts available? Yes, discounts are available for three or more devices enrolled in one transaction or as made available between Ontrack and your organization.
  13. Where can I find the terms and conditions? Visit our terms page for more information.
  14. How will my data be returned? Data will be returned on an encrypted external USB drive sized appropriately for the recovered data, or by Ontrack’s secure, cloud-based data return portal.
  15. Can I cancel my plan? Yes, you have the right to cancel your plan within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.
  16. Can I transfer my plan? Plans are not transferable, but discounts are available for returning customers.
  17. What happens to my old device? Your old device will be returned in the same package with the recovered data.
  18. Is this service limited to the United States? Currently, sales are in the US, but we can perform data recoveries anywhere in the world through our offices/labs in 20 countries.